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EMarP * (Electricity Market Predictor) System

1. Background

Recent deregulation of electric power industry has opened up commodity markets specializing in electricity trade. Predicting the electricity prices accurately is crucial not only for marketers, but traditional and/or independent suppliers, utility distributors, and regional power system operators alike. However, among many commodity markets, electricity markets are particularly known for their extreme volatility of the prices.

2. What is EMarP?

EMarP system is a practical software tool developed by TNC System Technologies (**) for electricity market price prediction. The software can be used to assist trading decisions for a day-ahead forward electricity market. The system can also be used to assist planning and operating decisions of complex power systems for the best chances in the market.

The core prediction engine employs a multi-layer artificial neural network representing a flexible nonlinear model. The EMarP requires only the historical price data available from the target market. EMarP also facilitates the preparation of input data and results presentation and analysis in an MS-Excel spreadsheet environment.

3. System Requirements

The EMarP system requires Windows98 Second Edition or later operating system running on a CPU of 500MHz or faster clock speed. 20MB of hard drive space is required for the installation of this software. The interface is compatible with MS-Excel 97 or later versions.

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*Trademark application pending; all rights reserved.
**Now an R&D division of Trans National Computing Systems Inc.